Genesis Smith

Genesis Smith, CEO of Luxurious Lathers
Genesis Smith, CEO of Luxurious Lathers

Meet Genesis Smith: The 27-Year- Old Entrepreneur behind Luxurious Lathers

“Maybe she’s born with it.” The famous cosmetic slogan comes to mind when meeting ambitious 27- year-old Genesis Smith, CEO of Luxurious Lathers. Luxurious Lathers is a thriving, upscale natural body products boutique located at Orland Square Mall in Orland Park, IL.

Throughout her young life, Genesis has watched her mother, Tijuana Smith, pursue a number of
successful business ventures. One of which, Tijuana serves as a business consultant, helping others build their dreams. Yet, Genesis is quick to reveal that although she earned her undergraduate degree in Business Administration, entrepreneurship wasn’t part of her plans. However, it certainly seems to be her destiny.

How It All Began

After Tijuana discovered an opportunity to build a business in the natural soap and body product
business, Genesis wanted to help relieve her mom of some of her workload. Genesis invested time in helping to develop the business, as well as selling products on her college campus during her last semester.

Roughly two months after graduating from Illinois State University, Genesis was offered a position at an international staffing company in downtown Chicago. She soon found that she wasn’t being challenged enough in her role, and asked a company executive for more responsibility. She was told that he’d give it some thought. Yet, when that executive was out of the office, Genesis was terminated by her immediate supervisor. Genesis recalls hearing her boss say, “Since, you’re not being challenged enough, we don’t have anything else for you to do.”

Reeling from being fired for asking for more responsibility, Genesis took matters back into her own hands. She told Tijuana she was ready to run Luxurious Lathers, and her new journey began. (Interestingly, the executive called Genesis a week later, apologizing and offering her a different role. She did some temporary work before working as CEO of the business full-time in 2016.)

Current Focus & Vision for the Future

Genesis has become an inspiration to many of all ages – and women of all colors, in just a short period of time. Today, she takes on a majority of the responsibilities related to new product development, manufacturing, sourcing quality ingredients, and more. In addition, she is backed by very supportive family members. Together, they are working to organically build and grow Luxurious Lathers into a successful company.

Her vision for the business, and her practical and patient approach, is grounded in building a brand and company that will stand the test of time along with products customers feel good about.

Genesis is available for interviews on topics ranging from entrepreneurship, women in business, christian owned-businesses, and more. To schedule an interview, contact